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11th Scientific International Conference


Nov 18, 2022

MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, Baku, Azerbaijan

11th Scientific International Conference
“Ohrid –Vodici, 2023”
Ohrid, 17-19 January 2023

Call for papers

“Challenges of Identity, Cultural Heritage, Sustainable Development or Tourism related with new crises”

A world still not recovered by the COVID pandemic made it even more obvious how unsustainable our way of life is, and furthermore, the war in Ukraine caused a much bigger energy and economic crisis. These new crises are influencing our lives, especially the economic stability and sustainability of our personal, familiar, social, public, cultural life. These crises are causing also big migrations even an “Age of migration” that is a very accurate issue in agendas of international institutions and scientific interests.
The new crises after the end of the “End of the history”, or as a consequence of the “Clash of civilizations”, are initiating or returning in the public discussers some of the issues that we thought are closed or overcome for centuries, especially in the paradigm of identities. Some of the identities are denying, some are asking for better affirmation, and new identities are appearing in the public life. It is obvious that the issue of identity is very important, especially bearing in mind that in the contemporary world it is one of the most mobilizing factors.
Over the past few years, a remarkable increase has occurred in the use of visual and digital techniques for the research, documentation, management, presentation and communication of cultural heritage. Printed, video and audio media, as well as “New Media” got a role of a main measures for preserving and affirming of cultural heritage, but also as main tools for promoting the cultural heritage values, especially as touristic products. This has drastically transformed the way we capture, store, process, represent and disseminate information.
Over the last few decades, human activities, such as human-caused climate change and other human impacts on ecosystems, have transformed the Earth’s natural systems, exceeding their capacity and disrupting their self-regulatory mechanisms, with irreversible consequences for global humanity. Humanity is already seriously affected by ongoing systemic ecological changes, such as climate change and land use change (especially deforestation).
We think and talk about scenarios, we organize and plan for change, but it is difficult to set ambitious and achievable goals at the same time. All this requires innovative, creative and continuous collaboration, and only if this collaboration is itself sustainable can we become truly resilient.

We invite scholars, PhD and MA students, researchers and practitioners in environmental studies, cultural heritage, political science, economy, tourism sciences, media, architecture, museology, archiving, audio-visual arts, information sciences/ technologies, archeology, anthropology/ethnology, history of art, geography, sociology, psychology and all related fields to submit papers on any topic related to conference theme. Papers may reflect on a wide spectrum of issues related to protection and managing of the environment and cultural heritage, sustainable development, promotion, developing of a tourism etc.
Deadline for Application: 17 December 2022
Notification of Acceptance Decisions: 24 December 2022
Registration: 9 January 2023
Conference: 17-19 January 2023

The Conference is open to individual submissions for papers and proposals for panels. All applications for papers and panels must be sent to the e-mail: conference.vodici2023@gmail.com, by 17 December 2022. The papers accepted upon the assessment of the Program Board will be notified via email by 24 December 2022. Application for papers should content:

• Title of the paper/panel or poster
• Abstract (in English only) not more than 300 words for individual papers, including the main argument and conclusions
• Abstract (in English only) not more than 500 words for panel proposals, including abstracts of panel papers
• Name and title of the author/s of the paper
• Short bio of the author(s) of the paper, not more than one paragraph
• E-mail address, telephone and fax numbers of the author(s) of the paper.
• Size for poster has to be 50×75 cm

Conference language is both Macedonian and English.
All registered participants will be granted a certificate of attendance at the end of the conference.
All abstracts accepted to the Conference will be published as a conference booklet.
The conference will be hold in Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia. Information about the exact premises will be given later.
Conference will begin on 17 January 2023 and will end on 19 January 2023.
On 17 January 2023, publication (Conference proceedings) from the 10th Conference Vodici-Ohrid, 2021 “, will be promoted and disseminated.
There are 2 types of conference fees:

  1. Standard participation fee- EUR 60
    Standard participation conference fee includes: Registration, conference materials (booklet of abstracts), welcome reception, snacks and conference proceedings publication of peer-reviewed papers.
  2. On-line Participation fee- EUR 20
    On-line Participation fee trough ZOOM platform includes book of abstracts, on-line access and conference proceedings- publication of peer-viewed papers.

The participants will cover accommodation costs. Organizing committee may facilitate or propose proper accommodation.
Participants will be responsible for paying their travel expenses.

Contact person:
Tamara Jovanovic M.A. (tamara.p3.mm@gmail.com) viber: + 38975921301

Rubin Zemon, Ph.D. Centre for Advanced Researches, Skopje, North Macedonia
Fariz Khalili, Ph.D. MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ahmet Aytac, Ph.D. Aydin Adnan Menderes University, Izmir, Turkey
Georgi Nikolov, Ph.D, University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria,
Kubilay Akman, Ph.D., Usak University, Turkey
Milica Jokovic Pantelic Ph.D., Institute for Social Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia
Meli Shopi, Ph.D. University of Elbasan, Elbasan, Albania
Dejan Metodijeski, Ph.D. University Goce Delchev, Stip, Skopje, North Macedonia
Stephan Breu Ph.D., Pestalozzi University, Miami, USA
Andrey Gorokhov, Editor-in-Chief, Russian Political Science), Moscow, Russian Federation
Jasminka Simic, Ph.D. Editor- in – chief, Radio-Television of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
Zoran R. Vitorovic, DID Ph.D, Editor-in-Chief, Global Processes Journal, Miami, USA
Emil Gjorgov Ph.D. Centre for Advanced Researches, Skopje, North Macedonia

Organization Committee

  1. Aleksandar Manasieski, Ph.D.
  2. Ljupco Janevski Ph.D.
  3. Tamara Jovanovic M.A.
  4. Verica Dzijanovska
  5. Marina Vrvcoska M.A.

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